On behalf of the Las Palmas staff, we want to thank you for your interest in our volunteer program. Volunteers are an integral part of our social service team and they help to fulfill our mission of empowering and supporting the residents living at our affordable apartment communities.

Our volunteer program started in 2005, and we are building our program one volunteer at a time. At many of our complexes, volunteers provide computer classes, senior supportive services, youth services, food distribution and health outreach. Each volunteer is screened and trained and becomes a valuable part of the Las Palmas team.

Volunteers are another link that help us provide services to meet the many and diverse needs of our residents. We thank you for your interest.

Description of Volunteer Opportunities:
Las Palmas is looking for passionate, motivated volunteers to give back to their community. We are interested in finding volunteers to teach classes, provide information and services that will empower the residents living at our affordable housing complexes. Our goal is to collaborate with volunteers who will teach computer education, present health information/education, work with youth, facilitate group discussions on resident issues and much more.

Las Palmas is looking for volunteers who are committed to donating their time for 3 months (or more).

Required Skills:
Commitment, reliability, motivation, interpersonal skills, ability to work with diverse groups of low-income populations – including seniors, families and youth, sensitivity to cultural diversity, technology skills (if possible), service experience (if possible).
Classes should be provided 1-3 times per week for 2 hours.

Volunteer positions are available at most of the communities listed. The volunteer positions vary with each complex.

Las Palmas Housing
email: mailto:avanderhoof@laspalmashousing.com