“Being in the mentoring program has given me a totally new outlook on my future, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve learned to control my anger and let things go that I am not meant to hold grudges against. I’ve learned to handle myself when it comes to relationships with friends, relationships with men (including intimacy) and relationships with family. I’ve also learned my purpose in life and I’ve learned to deal with my finances. I’ve made positive changes in my community by introducing people to Elevate Your G.A.M.E. In school I helped people with problems they have with friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends and family members. I give them positive advice and let them know that they are special in their own way.”
– Youth Resident, Northpointe Apts.

“This year I have made a positive change in school. I’m working on bringing my grades up in all of my classes, mainly in Algebra 1. My behavior and attitude towards working and learning has also changed, and I’m finally getting the hang of chapter 11. Language arts used to be a pain. However, my language arts teacher explained to me that if I read the passage before answering the questions, I would understand the lesson better. I raised my grade from a fail to a 1.8, in a week, by doing extra credit. However, I am still working on extra credit until I have at least a 3.0 or a 4.0 in my teacher’s grade book.”
– Youth Resident, Northpointe Apts., wrote about how he is elevating his grades

“While I have been in Elevate Your G.A.M.E. I have learned many things, but the most important subject that I have learned was peace and respect. This subject has stood out to me, because God loves people who are respectful and peaceful. I have learned that when someone wants to be violent with you, you should get back at them with peace. So if you have peace, peace will come to you. I also learned that respect is very important. You should respect elderly people, sisters, moms and just women in general. So respect is very important to have, to make it in life. So those two subjects have stood out to me a lot.”
– Youth Resident, Northpointe Apts., wrote about peace and respect

“It’s a beautiful place to live. If you want to learn Spanish, they will take you aside and teach you Spanish.”
– Senior Resident, Summercrest Apts. (National City)

“It made me know that I just don’t want a job, I want what God put me on this earth to do.”
– Youth Resident, Northpointe Mentor Program

“It has increased my desire to be a P.O. (probation officer).”
– Youth Resident, Northpointe Mentor Program

“Now that I worked at Plymouth West (an apartment complex for senior citizens), I now want to be a social worker.”
– Youth Resident, Northpointe Mentor Program

“They’ve tried to make it feel like not an apartment, but a home! What touched my heart is we had the library bookmobile here the other day. I have never seen that before. It’s not just for the Seniors, it’s for the community, for people who live here with children.”
– Adult Resident, Summercrest Apartments Homes (National City)